Vision and mission developing with a municipality (>10.000 connections)

The municipality has initiated several projects related to CO2 reductions and energy savings on different levels. Not only the projects were related to households, but also the business (SME's and larger companies) were involved in the projects.

The government asked Neroa to develop a Smart Grid strategy and architecture which bundles the strengths of the current projects and would be able to unleash the Smart Grid Use cases for different stakeholders in the future. No vendor lock-in with maximum flexibility. 

The result is a future proof and practical design of the smart grid and an implementation of a brand new backoffice for the municipality. With the manuals the municipality can install and roll-out new customers themselves. 


For one of our industry customers we developed an data collection solution. At different households, different energy devices are installed. We have developed data collection solution inside the households with secure connection with the backoffice. We have implemented the system with open source solutions such as Kibana, Elastic search with MQTT technic to transport the data.


Our customer has developed an optimalisation algorithm which steers different energy objects within a building. We have implemented and tested the algorithm. So  not only monitoring is important (to gather the correct data on which decicions are made) but also steering/managing the energy objects is an important part of this project.

For different devices we have developed an standard 'Energy flexibility Interface'. This interface enable the devices to connect to an energy management system.

Examples of the different devices are:

  • Fuel cells
  • micro-chp 
  • invertors
  • battery management system
  • Smart meters