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Neroa introduces

About Neroa

Neroa is a young and energetic company that mainly acts as an intermediary and process manager within sustainable logistics and decentralized energy systems, in order to bring innovations to the market faster and more effectively. Nowadays, Neroa is constantly working on connecting governments, education, technology and commerce with the goal of giving technical developments a push in the right direction.


Neroa was founded in 2005 under the name iNRG. Her first project was to create Slim Power Systems . The aim of this project was to be able to monitor and control decentralized energy by means of an open and independent system . An incredibly beautiful and extensive project in which we collaborated with Alliander, ECN, Stedin, Enexis, Kema, Gasunie Engineering, Gasterra, ICT Automatisering, NV NOM, TietoEnator and Tno. To this day, Neroa still works closely with this.

In this direction, iNRG has further developed in such a way that the software system has grown into current European standards in terms of communication protocols. iNRG focused on the entire chain: offering hardware (later NRGproducts), developing software to connect this (later Neroa) and setting up locations where learning and testing can take place (which has become the current EntranCe site).

From this software development, Neroa was officially established in 2011 and has evolved into what it is today in the years since. A lot of hard work has gone into further developing the software systems. In 2018 Neroa set out on her own path and she still works with the principle that Slim Power Systems started with.

“We are convinced that other commercial parties will adopt this technical knowledge and use it on the market. The innovation lies in connecting this technical development in smart logistics and decentralized energy with commercial, knowledge and government institutions.” Neroa has been tackling this challenge since 2020.

Our partners

In recent years we have been able to work with many great parties. Below you will find an overview of some of these parties.

Our method

It is Neroa’s mission to successfully market innovations in the field of sustainable logistics and decentralized energy systems for our partners. These innovations will make an active contribution to making society more sustainable.

We do this using our proprietary toolbox for companies to support and unselfish act too. Our toolbox consists of the following parts:

1) Platform development: structurally bringing together actors (or devices) to jointly achieve a higher goal.

2) Iterative process guidance: guiding processes (pilots/field tests, subsidy applications, certification, etc.) to bring the innovation to the market more quickly.

3) Business Development Partner: coaching (inter)national parties to enter the market of sustainable logistics and decentralized energy by linking them to the right partners.

In this way we have already been able to support many organizations within its projects.