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As a team we are proud of our partners, projects and collaborations. As a disinterested third party, we can easily connect different parties. Due to its own technical knowledge, Neroa can act appropriately as an intermediary in sustainable logistics and energy systems. To give an example of what makes us unique, an overview of the various projects is given below.

Construction logistics for the municipality of Groningen
The transition of the municipality of Groningen in 2025 around emission-free city logistics has an impact on all sectors; including that of the construction sector. Neroa has been asked by the municipality of Groningen to guide the process of informing and activating construction companies of this sustainable logistics. Neroa did this by organizing a number of webinars; starting with an informative webinar (what exactly do the plans entail? What is possible, what is not possible?). In addition, a webinar was organized in which it was presented how other entrepreneurs from the industry are already making steps towards this sustainable logistics, after which enthusiastic entrepreneurs from this webinar were invited for follow-up sessions. In the follow-up sessions, requests for help from entrepreneurs were collected, which served as input for a number of pilots. These pilots are used to learn general lessons, which are then disseminated within the industry.
The Haerenkwartier in Oosterwolde dates from the time of the reconstruction of the Netherlands after the war. The 170 houses no longer meet today's requirements and are in need of renovation. Residents experience draft and moisture problems, contact noise and high energy consumption due to poor insulation of the houses. Despite this, they are devoted to their neighborhood and would like to continue living in the Haerenkwartier. The houses are therefore demolished and rebuilt in consultation with residents. Housing association Actium commissioned contractor Nijhuis Bouw BV to build 44 lifelong homes, 115 single-family homes and 11 senior homes. All homes are comfortable, gas-free and energy neutral. And fully meet the new requirements regarding daylight, noise, ventilation and insulation. In this project, housing association Actium, Nijhuis Bouw BV, the municipality of Ooststellingwerf and welfare organization Scala work closely with the residents of the Haerenkwartier on the renewal and sustainability of their neighborhood. Our role: Neroa has a mediating role between the Housing Association, the Municipality, the construction company and the grid operators (gas, electricity, internet, TV, water). Client: Actium and the municipality of Ooststellingwerf Result: The above parties have been able to start the project successfully due to greater understanding of each other and it is still running successfully. We were able to prevent disagreements from leading to project delays.
Hybrid Heat Pumps
A consortium (Amerlander Energy Corporation, municipality of Ameland, GasTerra, Alliander, Stedin) has asked Neroa to develop a project plan for setting up a demo that describes how we can implement the flexibility for controlling hybrid heat pumps. The basic principle is that already available information about flexibility and management from the various organizations was taken into account as much as possible. Project objective: Objectives are expressed in the following sub-objectives. Naturally, there is a connection between both objectives. 1. Finding out how AEC can provide and guarantee flexibility to the grid operator. 2. What is the revenue model of the AEC revenue model (commercial option) and elaborate on this per value area. Our role: setting up the pilot project for homes in Ameland , setting up a test environment at TNO's HESI lab at Entrance.
Logistic Scan
The municipality of Groningen has stated that it wants all logistics in the city center to be emission-free by 2025. In addition, the area in which window times apply will be expanded from January 1, 2022. This will result in a change in the logistics landscape for entrepreneurs in the city center. Neroa has been asked by the municipality of Groningen to conduct research among entrepreneurs, starting with supermarket, catering and cultural logistics, into their current logistics landscape, where the bottlenecks of these transitions will be, and how they could be solved. A report has been developed from this with a list of recommendations that can help the municipality to make the transition to sustainable and viable logistics as good as possible. Our role: Neroa has made objective analyzes in this project about, among other things, noise pollution & access routes in the city center. In addition, Neroa has held discussions with entrepreneurs from the city center, but also parties that are otherwise related to the city center logistics of Groningen (e.g. logistics service providers), from which a picture has been sketched of bottlenecks, opportunities and recommendations relevant to them.
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